User applications for Trikdis devices

  • 12.04.2022
User applications for Trikdis devices

The great advantage of the products and services provided by Trikdis is the simplicity. one programming software, simple USB programming cable for all devices,and one user app. So why are there 3 applications now?

The answer is simple. We are currently in the middle of a generational change, which is why two Protegus applications are recommended depending on the device.

  1. To date, Protegus 1 has a modern user interface, compared to other security apps, but it was not universal enough.
  2. GATOR is a dedicated application for only gate control user customers, where the user interface has been optimized for this purpose.
  3. Protegus 2 has a new, modern user interface that will take the place of both old applications as a universal application. The home page is fully customizable and only displays information and controls that the user can use. One or two upgradeable menu items known in Protegus "1" have been redesigned for ease of use.

The TRIKDIS smartphone apps are available as Android or Iphone app, or at any browser.

Here's a brief explanation of the applications and which versions of TRIKDIS products can be used with which fw versions.

GATOR logo
GATOR at Play store
GATOR at App store
GATOR app in any browser

The application named GATOR is only for gate controllers (GV17 - GATOR), the user interface is optimised to this purpose.

Works with:

Protegus logo
Protegus at Play store
Protegus at App store
Protegus app in any browser

Originally, one application, Protegus, existed. This works with all TRIKDIS ' products: alarm systems, communicators and gate controllers.

Works with:

Protegus 2
Protegus 2 at Play store
Protegus 2 at App store
Protegus 2 app in any browser

Released in 2021, Protegus 2 is designed to be a universal format that can perform all functions seamlessly, so it will replace all previous applications (for active products).

Works with:

  • E16

  • G16 series (G16, G16T) - If SN (serial number) contains G410 or E120

  • FLEXi SP3 from fw. 1.12+

  • GV17 from fw. 2.08+


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