• Trikdis iO8 wired expander module

Trikdis iO8 wired expander module

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With the Trikdis Expander IO8 wired expansion module, you can increase the number of inputs (zones) and outputs (PGMs) of the TRIKDIS FLEXi SP3, CG17, and SP231 alarm control panels and E16, E16T, G16, G16T, and G17F communicators. The devices are connected via an RS485 port and contains 8 contacts that you are free to use as input (zone) or output (PGM).

By using a PGM output as an expander, you can further enhance the capabilities of your smart home: remote control and switching of garage doors, garden gates, heating, electricity, ventilation, irrigation systems or any contact-controlled device.

Using a zone expander you can connect additional wired sensors for your Trikdis device.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-play install
  • Configured via the TRIKDIS alarm control panelor communicator
  • Contains eight contacts that can be programmed as inputs or outputs

Compatible TRIKDIS devices

FLEXi SP3 smart alarm system control panel
SP231 smart alarm control panel with integrated GSM / IP relay
CG17 compact smart alarm control panel with integrated GSM / IP relay
E16 and E16T Ethernet / IP Switch, Communicator
G16, G16T GSM / IP Switch, Communicator
G17F GSM / IP Fire Alarm

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