Trikdis iButton electronic key reader

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Operating environment
-40 ºC - +85 ºC
Dallas iButton Key - DS1990A
Maximum allowable voltage (reader)
Maximum allowable voltage (LED)
Relative Humidity
max 70%
White - 1 Wire Data
Gray - GND (Earth)
Green (+), Yellow (-)
Brown (+) - LED

Compatible devices


The iButton electronic key reader can be used to replace a traditional physical key switch. By eliminating the possibility of key-copy access, a more secure solution can be built. Commonly used in shops, stores and offices, the alarm system is armed / disarmed faster, easier and the keys can be handled more securely.

The acceptance of each electronic key can be done in the control panel, so that a lost or stolen key can be removed from the list of keys accepted by the system, which in the case of conventional locks could only be solved by changing the lock. This way, the entire system can still operate securely, as only secure keys can turn off the alarm.

Compatible with Trikdis smart alarm control panels.

Package includes

  • 1 CZ-Dallas iButton key reader reader
  • 1 piece of metal bracket with plastic frame, mounting materials
  • 1 piece of electronic key

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