• Trikdis E485 Ethernet module (RS485)

Trikdis E485 Ethernet module (RS485)

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E485 is an ethernet module that can be used to extend Trikdis smart communicators with a wired internet communication channel.

E485 is compatible with G16, G16T (from firmware v1.32) GSM / IP communicators. By using the E485 with G16 or G16T Trikdis communicator, messages are sent to the central monitoring station via the wired internet network and as long as the internet connection works, the mobile data is not used. When communication is interrupted on the wired internet network, the communication switches automatically to the mobile data network.

E485 supports Trikdis SP231 control panel and the T16 radio communicator for event transmission.

All Trikdis smart devices offer parallel communications to the monitoring station and to the user who can access the available functions in the free Protegus Mobile / Web app.

Key Features:

  • Wired internet communication via LAN Ethernet cable (RJ45)
  • The user gets notifications about the events of the alarm system in the free Protegus Mobile / Web application
  • Free Protegus server, no Fixed IP or Dynamic DNS required
  • transmits messages to the monitoring station on an IP basis in Contact ID code format
  • In case of loss of the primary channel connection, switches automatically to the backup receiver
  • In case of loss of the Internet connection, switches automatically to the main device's communication channel
  • Quick and easy configuration in any browser

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