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Trikdis CG17 2G GSM compact security control panel

    Made in EU
  • Brand: Trikdis
  • Product Code: CG17-2G
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 58,026Ft Ex Tax: 48,355Ft

Available Options

The video below shows you how to install and configure Trikdis CG17 by phone and use it with Protegus in your browser

The video below shows the installation of Trikdis CG17 over phone and its use and setup with SMS instructions

The CG17 is a stand-alone, compact and FLEXible smart securty system. It can be both used as alarm system and as a remote control of equipment around the house, such as garage door, gate, heating, cooling, irrigation system, lighting, ventilation, etc. The integrated GSM / IP communicator allows communication in parallel to the monitoring station and the owner via the Protegus 2 Mobile and Web application.


Messages to the security company

  • Small and low power, self-contained alarm system and control device
  • Backup power supply connection and charging option
  • IP-based integrated communicator operating via GSM or 2G mobile network
  • RS485 port for remotely monitored sensors or other compatible devices
  • Reports events in Contact ID format to TRIKDIS software or hardware receivers which are capable of working with any monitoring software.
  • Can report events to SIA DC-09 and SUR-GUARD TL150 receivers.
  • In case connection to primary channel is lost, can send to backup receiver.
  • Can report events to the central monitoring station using SMS messages. Extremely useful because it works even when IP connectivity is disrupted in the mobile operator’s network.
  • Cellular network jamming recognition.
  • Can simultaneously report events to the security company’s receiver and work with the Protegus 2 app. Possible to set priority for sending events to central monitoring station.

Messages to users

  • Calls specified phone numbers (up to 8 users) and informs about events using recorded voice messages.
  • Sends SMS messages about events.
  • “Push” and special sound event notifications using the Protegus 2 application.

System and output control

  • Using Protegus 2 app.
  • Using contact (iButton) key reader.
  • By calling the device’s phone number.
  • Using SMS messages.
  • Using an automatic “if…then” algorithm. E.g. when an input is enabled or the temperature exceeds a certain limit, an output will be turned on.

Expander, GPS receiver and battery support

  • iO series expanders, which increase the number of inputs (IN) and outputs (OUT).
  • Optional Wireless expander to control or superwise equipment with no wiring installed
  • Optional GPS receiver (useful for protecting ATMs and vending machines or fleet tracking).
  • Optional Strela RS485 fuel level sensor
  • Backup power and charging of 12 V battery.

Settings and installation

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Configuration of device either using an USB cable or remotely using TrikdisConfigsoftware.
  • Remote updating of firmware.
  • Two types of access levels (accounts), for the installer and for the administrator.
  • Due to the Protegus 2 server, neither Fixed IP nor Dynamic DNS is required

Inputs and outputs

  • 1 input, 2 outputs and 3 double I/O terminals that can be set either as input (IN) or output (OUT) terminals.
  • One wire data bus (1-Wire) for connecting temperature sensors (up to 8) and a contact (iButton) key reader.
  • By using an iO8 expander module, the number of inputs (IN) or outputs (OUT) can be increased to 12.

CG17 comes with a basic ANT01S GSM Antenna. If you expect a weak signal at the place of installation or your module will be shaded by a metal box or a thick wall, we recommend buying a ME301M magnetic or a ANT04 stick-on antenna with 2.5m wire.


Transmission Channel
GSM and optional 2G IP communication
2G / GPRS Modem Frequencies
850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
SIM card
1 x nano
Event reporting transmission channels
To main and backup receivers of up to 2 different security companies
To Protegus cloud, to iOS/Android Protegus mobile apps
To 8 mobile phones via SMS messages
Report transmission directions
2G (GPRS), 3G, 4G
SMS, voice call
Transmission to remote monitoring
Transmission Protocol, Encryption
TRK, DC-09_2007, DC-09_2012, TL150
Message Buffer
Yes, 60 events
Event Transmission
Contact ID code
Internal Clock
Event log / number of stored events
Send periodic test reports

Compatible devices

Supported Modules
iO-8 Expansion Module - 8 terminal I / O
iO Expansion Module
iO-MOD - iO-WL radio transceiver expansion modules
RF-SH radio receiver - for CROW wireless devices
E485 Ethernet module
TM17 iButton key reader
CZ-Dallas iButton key reader
T16 VHF or UHF Radio Transmitter
fuel level sensor Strela RS485
measure voltage from 0 V to 30 V
GPS receiver
Max. number of RS485 modules
RS485 data bus length
up to 300m
1 Wire data bus
Yes, max 30m wire length
Supported Temperature Sensors
max. 8 x (Dallas DS18S20, DS18B20 ) sensor or 1 x AM2301
Supported Electric Key (iButton) Readers
Maxim® / Dallas® DS1990A
Number of supported keys
Supported Keypads
Crow CR16


Dual Function Contacts (Output or Input)
Input types
Loop resistance
Maximum Number of Zones using Expansion Modules
Number of partitions


Dual Function Contacts (Output or Input)
Maximum output number using expanders
Output (dedicated)
2 up to 1A
Mobile app, browser, SMS, phone call


Programming modes
Programming Software
Yes, windows
Remote Programming


Number of dedicated users
1 Master, 39 Normal
Protegus users
Mobile Application
Yes, Android or IOS
Web Application
Yes, any browser
Push notification
Limit Alerts

Technical data

Operating environment
-10°C - + 50°C, relative air humidity up to 70% at 0- +40°C (no condensation)
Power supply
16-24 V DC or 16-18 V AC
Current consumption (nominal)
Current consumption (max)
200 mA
Detachable terminal blocks
113 x 70 x 25 mm
Battery type
Battery Charge Current [BAT]
max 500mA
Power voltage and current for external devices [AUX]
12V DC, up to 1A
PGM output

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