How to add any IP camera to Protegus 2

How to add any IP camera to Protegus 2

If you use Protegus 2 and you have an IP camera with a live stream, you can add a shortcut button to the Home Screen to open the live stream.

Camera buttons in protegus 2

It is necessary to have an IP camera with an external IP and an open port. Otherwise, it will not work.

  1. Log in to Protegus 2 if necessary.
  2. Open the side menu, select Cameras
  3. Click plus to add a camera
  4. Enters the name that will appear on the system home screen (optional)
  5. Fill the rest of the fields:
    IP address
    User name (camera)
    Password (camera)
    Live stream path

The maximum number of cameras that can be added is 8

All data is accessible via the camera admin panel. Instead of adding the data one by one, you can paste the full RTSP link and the fields will fill up automatically. To do that just copy the full link and paste it to any field.

The RTSP link has to follow the structure below: RSTP link structure

For testing you can try the camera at the Trikdis office:


Short video tutorial about HOW TO Add IP camera stream to Protegus 2


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