GSM Fire Communicator

GSM Fire Communicator
Communicator that sends fire events via GSM / IP - 2G (GPRS), 3G, 4G to the monitoring station and fire department.

Trikdis G17F 2G GSM / IP communicator

40,844Ft Ex Tax: 34,036Ft

Trikdis G17F 4G GSM / IP communicator

78,438Ft Ex Tax: 65,365Ft

Trikdis programing mini USB cable

Trikdis programing mini USB cable

High quality standard miniUSB cable for programming Trikdis devices via computer. High quality,Durable design,Thick cable,Soft rubber exterior,Length: approx. 100cm..

1,752Ft Ex Tax: 1,460Ft

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