FLEXi SP3 supports the Paradox RTX3 Wireless Expansion Module

FLEXi SP3 supports the Paradox RTX3 Wireless Expansion Module

The great advantage of the FLEXi SP3 is that it can be installed as a traditional wired, hybrid and wireless system. Wireless zones have so far been able to be added using the RF-SH wireless module which is compatible with CROW wireless devices, but now the Paradox RTX3 Wireless Expansion Module and compatible Paradox sensors can be used for the same purpose.

Paradox RTX3 wireless expansion moduler

To use Paradox RTX3 instead of TRIKDIS RF-SH, you need to upload the firmware from another folder.

  1. Enter FLEXi SP3 programming in the TrikdisConfig Programming Software .
  2. Go to the Firmware page.
  3. Click Open Firmware.
  4. Locate the TrikdisConfig > Firmwares > SP3 > RTX3 folder.
  5. Select the latest firmware according to your SP3 modem.
    "1" in the firmware structure indicates RTX 3 compatible version: SP3_xxx 1 _xxxx.fw
  6. Press the Update [F12] button.
  7. After the flashing is done, click on the Wireless tab, "There is no RTX3 module registered in the system" indicates that the system is ready to pair with RTX3.

Both the devices and the RTX3 has to use the same frequencies to work. They can be 433Mhz or 868Mhz. Please check this before buying.

Short video tutorial about HOW TO Pair wireless devices in Protegus 2


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