"E" and "G" communicators support Protegus 2

"E" and "G" communicators support Protegus 2

One of the great advantages of the Trikdis manufacturer is its reliable operation and easy, quick installation. Accordingly, for Trikdis installers

  • need to know only one user app (Protegus 2) and

  • only one programming software (TrikdisConfig) and

  • one programming cable (mini USB cable) is required for all devices.

Currently, a generation change is taking place in the user application, and one of the most important steps has now taken place, as all versions of the Ethernet and GSM smart communicators, E16, G16 and G16T can now be used with the new Protegus 2 application.

How to tell if a product is ready to update?

E16: yes, all!

G16 and G16T: If SN (serial number) contains G410 or E120

Important E16T is not yet implemented.


Soon, support for the remaining few devices (WP17, CG17) can be expected in the new application, and the universal Protegus 2 will gradually take over the old one. With this, the very first statement above also becomes true again.

For an existing system, the following steps are required to switch.

  1. Upgrade your communicator to latest firmware
  2. Download and register in Protegus 2
  3. Create your system in the new Protegus 2 application. The Protgeus 2 will offer to transfer your system from Protegus 1 (V1) to Protegus 2 (v2)
  4. Customize the app the way you like. Don't forget to set the notifications to suit your needs.

When adding a new system it is possible to read the barcode or QR code on the back of the device or on the box by using the camera of your phone (or other device) .

Add new system using qr code

A useful feature is that you can add quick access to live streams of your IP cameras to the system as well.

Camera buttons in protegus 2

Here you can read the overview of the TRIKDIS user apps and which devices they can be used with.


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