Direct control with data bus or serial port connection

Direct control with data bus or serial port connection

Connecting to data bus or serial port, what does that mean?

The essence of the technology is that the connected Trikdis communicator knows the language of the control panel, it knows how interpret the messages. (This is a one-way communication connection). Like keypads or other peripherals, the communicator also receives and understands the messages sent by the alarm system control panel and the events will be forwarded to the client and / or to remote monitoring station according to the settings.

There are two ways how Trikdis communicators can talk to the alarm system control panels. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example in case of a DSC, Honeywell, CROW or Pyronix security control panel, the Trikdis communicator connects to the data bus. Elsewhere, such as Paradox and Texecom control panels, the serial port should be used.

What are the benefits?

  • This is a simpler solution that the regular TIP RING connection
  • It is more reliable
  • Faster to install
  • Communicate faster

Direct control

Direct Control is an even more advanced solution because it in this case the communicator not only receives events from the security system control panel for transmission, but also some of the functions available on the keypad become available, i.e it's a two-way communication.

What are the additional benefits of direct control?

More features, specifically:

  • The whole system or one of the partitions can be armed or can be disarmed using the user code (same as the one used on the keypad)
  • Automatic partition and zone mapping
  • Detecting the status of mapped zones
    Common question, but this does not mean that there is a constant status display in the user app, the zone status information is only available in case of an event)
  • Zone Bypass
  • It is not necessary to connect an OUT from TRIKDIS to the control panel as keyswitch zone for arming and disarming, this is done directly on the data bus or serial port.

What can't this solution do?

  • Cannot control PGMs on the control panel
  • Cannot remotely program the control panel or update firmware (what you can do with the TRIKDIS device)

What Smart Solutions can we use with Trikdis Communicators?

How can you use Trikdis devices for Smart functions around your home?

Depending on the device, Trikdis smart communicators and Trikdis smart alarm centers have one or more outputs. These outputs can be used for remote control: gate or garage door opening, heating, watering or lighting control, etc. By adding some sensors to your system, e.g. light, liquid level, temperature sensor, you can achive simple, but useful automatitions around the house or flat. Also you can use the inputs on the communicator as feedback (e.g. open gate or garage door).

Which Trikdis communicators work like above described?


Take advantage of the smart functions and the direct control.

E16 Ethernet smart communicator with direct control.


Take advantage of the smart functions and the direct control.

G16 GSM smart communicator with direct control.

Data Bus or serial port connectable and Direct Controllable Security Control panels

Direct controllable models are marked red.

Spectra SP4000, SP5500, SP5500+*, SP6000, SP6000+*, SP7000, SP7000+*, SP65, 1727, 1728, 1738
Magellan MG5000, MG5050, MG5050E, MG5075, MG5050+*,
DIGIPLEX EVO48, NE96, EVO96, EVO192*, EVOHD* (*Fw. 7.50 or higher)
ESPRIT E55, 728ULT, 738ULT
* the serial port of the marked NEW control panels has been locked by the factory. The serial port must be unlocked before it can communicate with any external device. How to unlock Serial Port
PC585, PC1565, PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, PC1404, PC5015, PC5020
NetworX (Caddx) NX-4v2, NX-6v2, NX-8v2, NX-8e
Premier 24, 48, 88, 168, 412, 816, 832, 832+
Premier Elite 12, 24, 48, 64, 88, 168
Inception, Integriti
Ademco Vista-15, Ademco Vista-20, Ademco Vista-48
Runner 4/8, 8/16

You don't see your model listed above?

For not supported and other manufacturers control panels, use the E16T communicator with telephone line (TIP RING) connection.


You don't see your model listed above?

For not supported and other manufacturers control panels, use the G16T communicator with telephone line (TIP RING) connection.

The Trikdis G16 and G16T are also available with 2G, 3G and 4G modems. In addition to the data connection, a wired internet connection can also be established for these communicators (and also for the radio communicators) with the WiFi W485 module or Ethernet E485 module using. This solution increases communication security and reduces mobile Internet (data connection) traffic. Read more about DUAL PATH solutions from Trikdis.


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