CROW SH-KP wireless Icon keypad

  • Brand: Crow
  • Product Code: SH-KP
  • Availability: Ordered upon request
  • 48,546Ft Ex Tax: 40,455Ft

The Crow SH-KP Icon Keypad is a fully wireless keypad that is compatible with the Trikdis FLEXi SP3 Smart Alarm Center.

The SH-KP is fully supervised low current Two Way Wireless keypad, including the advanced Freewave2™ Two way protocol for secure and reliable system operation.

The advanced protocol of SH-KP includes series of messages for full communication administration (Supervision, Tamper, Low Batt.) as well as test transmission signals (Communication, Tamper, Alarm).

Main features:

  • internal sounder
  • Separate normal arming and stay arming button
  • Bypass function
  • Button illumination and sound feedback
  • Physical buttons
  • 3 panic / emergency button combinations
  • Backlit
  • up to 5 year battery life
  • RFID* (Can't be used witht Trikdis control panels)

How can you use a wireless devicesensor with FLEXi SP3 smart alarm control panel?

RF-SH wireless expander interface

By connecting a TRIKDIS RF-SH or a Paradox RTX3 wireless expander interface you can use the "classic" wired alarm system as a hybrid or wireless. Comes handy when you have no option to lay wires and need wireless sensors or other equipment.

You can use CROW for the Trikdis extender and Paradox wireless devices for the Paradox.

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