• CROW FW2-PANIC wireless panic button

CROW FW2-PANIC wireless panic button

  • Brand: Crow
  • Product Code: FW2-PANIC-WATCH
  • Availability: Ordered upon request
  • 40,646Ft Ex Tax: 33,871Ft

Two Way Wireless Panic Device

The FW2-Panic Watch is an advanced water-resistant pendant transmitter with single-button press-and-hold activation and ergonomic design to wear on a regular basis as any wristwatch or necklace.

Water resistant. Supplied with wristband and necklace. Single button activation. Lithium battery operated. Ideal for assisted living installations. Can be worn in the shower or bathroom. Necklace included. 

How can you use a wireless devicesensor with FLEXi SP3 smart alarm control panel?

RF-SH wireless expander interface

By connecting a TRIKDIS RF-SH or a Paradox RTX3 wireless expander interface you can use the "classic" wired alarm system as a hybrid or wireless. Comes handy when you have no option to lay wires and need wireless sensors or other equipment.

You can use CROW for the Trikdis extender and Paradox wireless devices for the Paradox.


Transmission Protocol, Encryption
Freewave2™ Two Way Protocol, Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Event Transmission
Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Battery

Technical data

Operating environment
-10°C - + 50°C
Current consumption (nominal)
< 1µA
Current consumption (max)
Transmission: 25±3mA
125 x 40 mm
20 g
Battery type
Soldered CR2016
Battery Life
Up to 5 years
Modulation Type
Frequency Band
Range in open space
EN 301489-1
EN 301489-3
EN 50130-4
EN 300220-2
EN 60950-1
Security Grade2, Environmental Class II

Detector specifications

Detection Method
Push Button

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