• CROW FW2-MAG wireless door / window magnetic contact sensor

CROW FW2-MAG wireless door / window magnetic contact sensor

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Two Way Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Contact

The FW2-MAG is an advanced magnetic contact sensor with integrated RF transceiver designed to be a fully supervised low-current device. A built-in reed switch and/or an external wired input may be applied in this device. To maximize security, an 8.2K end-of-line resistor is monitored on the external wired input. FW2-MAG uses smart message control, which verifies that all messages are successfully transmitted, so that no intrusion event will be uninformed to the system. Each FW2-MAG has a unique factory set ID code (24bit) which by registration is set into memory of the paired Freewave2™ Transceiver, enabling more secured communication and devices to be remotely controlled from a specific transceiver.

How can you use a wireless device with FLEXi SP3 smart alarm control panel?

RF-SH wireless expander interface

By connecting an RF-SH wireless expander interface you can use the "classic" wired alarm system as a hybrid or wireless. Comes handy when you have no option to lay wires and need wireless sensors or other equipment.


Transmission Protocol, Encryption
Freewave2™ Two Way Protocol, Unique ID serial number – 24 bit
Event Transmission
Alarm, Tamper, Supervision, Low Battery

Technical data

Operating environment
-10°C - + 50°C
Current consumption (nominal)
Current consumption (max)
Receive: ~29mA, Transmit: ~38mA
97 x 22 x 21 mm
40 g (inc. battery)
Battery type
Lithium 3V battery type CR123 / Size 2/3AA
Battery Life
Up to 5 years
Transmit power
~ 10dBm
Modulation Type
Frequency Band
Range in open space
RTTE directive:1999/5/EC EMC directive: 2004/108/EC Low Voltage directive: 2006/95/EC Harmonized Standards applicable to this products are: EN300220-2 EN301489-3 EN301489-1 EN50130-4 EN61000-6-3 EN60950-1 EN50131-6 EN50130-5 EN50131-5-3
LED Indications
Green/Red during pairing, Red for each transmission

Detector specifications

Detection Method
Internal reed switch or External magnet device* (Function not supported by Trikdis)
Tamper Switch
Front cover removal & Back tamper
Supervision Time
7 min by default (programmable* between 1 to 30 min) (Function not supported by Trikdis)

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