• CROW FW2-EDS-3000 AM wireless Outdoor PIR Detector

CROW FW2-EDS-3000 AM wireless Outdoor PIR Detector

  • Brand: Crow
  • Product Code: FW2-EDS3000
  • Availability: Ordered upon request
  • 70,828Ft Ex Tax: 59,023Ft

Wireless Double PIR and Anti-Masking Outdoor Detector

FW2-EDS3000AM is a unique two-way wireless outdoor double motion detector with active Anti-Masking feature. This device is designed to protect the outdoor areas of your property and triggers an alarm before an intruder breaks in.

How can you use a wireless device with FLEXi SP3 smart alarm control panel?

RF-SH wireless expander interface

By connecting an RF-SH wireless expander interface you can use the "classic" wired alarm system as a hybrid or wireless. Comes handy when you have no option to lay wires and need wireless sensors or other equipment.

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